The Western Catholic Church strictly forbids love between priests and women, especially in Italy, the home of the Holy See, where the clergymen must follow the rule of chastity. The vow of celibacy is not always kept, though, and this gives often rise to forbidden love affairs and secret relationships. Having to decide on abandoning either their woman or priesthood, some priests choose their lover’s love, acknowledging its pivotal importance in their life, whereas other priests feel they are not ready to give up their religious vocation. Indeed, they are willing to conceal their sexual life and love affairs in order not to interrupt their ecclesiastical career.

Forbidden Men (Uomini Proibiti) is a documentary film that deals with the stories of some married priests who renounce their ecclesiastical privileges to start a family. The film also deals with the stories of those women who fall in love with priests who are unwilling to give up their religious position. A life of privation, silence and secrecy awaits them and their love.

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Documentary - Human Stories

Run Time
52, 71 mins HD

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