Many Europeans think of Greece as a country that has lived beyond its means and, in spite of expensive aid, is unwilling to reform. “Who is Saving Whom?” reveals how the expensive, so-called rescue packages actually only rescued the creditors, the banks, the hedge funds and the insurance companies. The transformation of private debt into public debt, which has been presented as a “rescue”, has not only driven democracy to absurdity, but it has shaken societies which consider themselves lawful, socialist societies to their foundations.

No one formulates this better in the film than Mario Draghi, who as a one-time Vice President of Goldman Sachs and present President of the ECB steers the economies in the Euro area: “The European social model is history. Saving the Euro will cost a lot of money. That means we will have to take leave of the European social model.” For seven years now the rescue is taking place with the help of hundreds of Billions of public money.

“Who is Saving Whom?” shows what remains hidden. A tremendous redistribution from the bottom to the top. Before the crisis, the rich of the world owned three times more than the annual GDP of the world. After seven years of “crisis”, they now own four times as much. Now, in the middle of Europe, there are again people working for starvation wages. Rescuing is taking place, but for the 99% there is no sign of a rescue.

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Documentary - Current Affairs

Run Time
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